PTSplus Pallet Jack Scale

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Designed for commercial and industrial use, the PTSplus pallet jack forklift scale has integrated steel pallet forks, non-marring wheels and a zero-radius pivoting handle. Its sleek, solid design facilitates the transport of pallets, boxes and crates from one place to another in warehouses, shipping departments or on production floors.

Included with the PTSplus is the AE403 indicator, which is IP67-rated for protection against water and dust. The indicator offers a wide range of functions including checkweighing and parts counting, to provide fast, accurate results, including an RS-232 interface for quick connection to computers or printers.

PTT Includes the AE503 indicator which comes standard with a built-in label printer.


Key Specifications



Features and Benefits


  • Colour-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
  • RS-232 interface is available to provide speedy connection to computers and printers
  • Splash-proof housing, keypad and display are easy to clean
  • Wheels swivel, allowing easy movement


  • Audible overload alarm warns when capacity is exceeded
  • Checkweighing with audible alarm
  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights
  • Parts counting with preset sample sizes
  • Auto-clear function enables the last item to be reset each time the scale returns to zero
  • Selectable digital filtering for animal/dynamic weighing enables consistent results for moving subjects
  • Zero-tracking feature ensures display returns to zero reading


  • Vivid, backlit LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions
  • Programmable backlight can be set to “always on,” “always off” or “light only when weighing”
  • Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads
  • Checkweighing LEDs clearly show under, over and acceptable limits


  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • Programmable auto power-off to save energy
  • AC adapter included


Shipping, transport & logistics warehouses:

PTSplus pallet jack scales come equipped with easy-grip handles and integrated wheels for easily transporting parcels, crates and boxes across logistics warehouses to distribution lorries.

Inventory control:

Digital pallet jack and truck scales can simultaneously move and weigh multiple, heavy objects at a time by securing the steel pallet forks underneath a pallet base. The PTSplus can be used to organise warehouse spaces that hold large amounts of stock.

Dockyards & ports

The durable splash-proof housing makes the PTSplus ideal for checking and maneuvering objects such as fishing barrels, containers, crates and manufactured ship parts in ports and docks. You can pair the PTSplus with Adam crane scales such as the SHS for suspended weighing and lifting of heavy containers onto fishing vessels or for conducting general ship building and assembly tasks in shipyards.


Additional information

Weight152000 g
Dimensions163 × 61 × 66 cm

2000kg x 0.5kg


PTS PLUS AE403 1150x160mm Fork, PTT PLUS AE503 1150x160mm Fork