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A collection of unique accessories for Adam weighing scales and balances, including temperature calibration kits, non-slip rubber mats, adaptors and more.

Disposable sample pans (pack of 250)

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Aluminum sample pans are ideal for moisture analysis testing. The disposable pans fit neatly on the PMB moisture analysers pan holder. They are 10mm deep to keep the items being weighed in place. This pack holds 250 disposable pans.

Indicator stand

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To stabilize a freestanding indicator that is separated from a scale, attach it to the indicator stand for reliable support. Sturdy aluminium construction is also lightweight, so the stand is easy to transport.

(Indicators are not included with the stand.)

Non-slip rubber mat (CPWplus L only)

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Ensure safety with the non-slip rubber mat for the CPWplus models with pan size 900 x 600mm. The durable rubber mat provides added protection when weighing animals in a vet office, as well as helping protect the scales platform.

Temperature calibration kit

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Moisture Analyzers should be calibrated frequently, just like balances. Calibrate the temperature sensor of your PMB Moisture Analyzer with this Temperature Calibration Kit, which comes with a case and a device to hold the sensor in the optimum position.



Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions60 × 60 × 30 cm

6VDC 200mA adapter, CPWplus L Non-slip rubber mat, Disposable sample pans (pack of 250), Indicator stand, Light tower and relay kit, PMB glass fibre pads (pack of 200), TBB Tripod Legs, Temperature calibration kit