LDR 9U Wall/Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinet (600mm x 600mm)

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The LDR range of Outdoor racks is designed to protect your equipment from harsh environments. These racks are ideal for outdoor deployments requiring high levels of protection while being convenient to access and use.


6-Port PDU, Water Proofing Clay & Two Shelves Included
A-frame with a load capacity of 130kg
Protection class IP55
Front door – Solid Metal


Nominal height 9U
Total outer height 650mm
Outer width 615mm
Outer depth 600mm
Mounting depth 500mm
Colour White
Protection class IP55
Front doors Solid Metal with a lock
Back doors N/A
Side panels N/A
Packaging Dimensions 1x Carton, 760mm x 680mm x 660mm

Additional information

Weight30000 g
Dimensions76.00 × 66.00 × 68.00 cm