LDR 5U Flush Wall Mounted Cabinet (570mm x 250mm)

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The LDR 5U Vertical Wall Mount Cabinet is designed to save you space. Perfect for small network equipment and limited space networking environments, the low profile of the cabinet allows your equipment to be mounted vertically anywhere from comms rooms to retail stores, classrooms and offices. Anywhere that requires a smaller footprint and security. The cabinet sits 250mm from the wall when mounted and will house 19” networking equipment with a depth up to 940mm, including 1U servers, UPS systems, battery packs, network switches and patch panels. In addition to 5U of rack space in the primary mounting area, there is also an adjustable 2U mounting bracket at the top of the cabinet for patch panels

Vertical Mounting Layout Allowing A More Compact Rack
A frame with a load capacity of 60kg
Protection class IP20
Front door – Solid Metal

Nominal height 5U
Total outer height 570mm
Outer width 550mm
Outer depth 250mm
Mounting depth 400mm
Colour Black
Protection class IP20
Front doors Solid Metal
Back doors n/a
Packaging Dimensions 1x Carton, 270mm x 570mm x 590mm

Additional information

Weight17500 g
Dimensions57.00 × 27.00 × 59.00 cm