GC Counting Indicator

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With a wide range of features, the GC counting indicator is ideal for weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing, checkweighing and animal/dynamic weighing.

The numeric keypad facilitates unit weight and sample entry, while a large backlit display shows unit weight, total weight and number of pieces. The GC accumulates count totals and alerts the user when a predetermined count is reached. Solid ABS plastic housing wipes down easily, while the wall mount bracket and internal rechargeable battery make the indicator versatile.


Key Specifications



Features and Benefits


  • Colour-coded keys facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons
  • Lightweight design simplifies transport and portability
  • RS-232 interface is available to provide speedy connection to computers and printers
  • Solid ABS housing is durable for industrial use
  • Wall-mount bracket for placing indicator on vertical surface


  • Audible overload alarm warns when capacity is exceeded
  • Internal counting resolution 1:600,000 for precise results
  • Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes
  • Parts counting optimisation automatically refines piece weight as parts are added
  • Preset tare function speeds the process of repetitive weighing
  • Printouts include date and time for data tracking within Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines
  • Selectable digital filtering helps minimise effects of vibration and disturbances
  • Zero-tracking feature ensures display returns to zero reading
  • User can program alarm to sound when preset total is reached


  • Backlit LCD shows weight, unit weight and count in one convenient location


  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • Programmable auto power-off to save energy



Inventory control:

The GC counting indicator comes complete with highly accurate parts counting applications that can easily take stock numbers in busy warehouse environments. When connected with a weighing platform such as Adam’s PT, the GC indicator can assign a weight value per unit which can then allow simultaneous weighing of multiple products at once in order to give a combined total as an amount in units.

Manufacturing & engineering:

The GC counting indicator can be connected with weighing platform in order to weigh and count manufacturing parts and tools used in engineering processes such as machinery components, screws and bolts.

Additional information

Weight3000 g
Dimensions30 × 23 × 22 cm