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Adam Equipment offers a limited warranty that starts on the date of delivery, and includes parts and labour on components that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship. If repairs are needed during the warranty period, you must contact us for further instructions. Any returned equipment must be in its original packaging and must be accompanied by correct claim processing documentation. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to send the unit to a service centre.

Please register your Adam Equipment product here so you can be contacted for product information.

For reference here is a list of warranty periods for our Adam Equipment range.

ModelWarranty Period
AE4031 year
AE5031 year
AE5041 year
AELP Pallet Beams1 year
AIP1 year
Astro1 year
ATP1 year
Azextra2 years
BCT2 years
BKT2 years
CB1 year
CBD2 years
CCT & CBC-M2 years
CKT2 years
CNP1 year
CPWplus (all models)1 year
CQT2 years
DCT1 year
GBK & GBK-M2 years
GC2 years
GFC2 years
GFK & GFK-M2 years
GK & GK-M2 years
Gladiator2 years
HCB2 years
IHS1 year
LBX2 years
LHS1 year
Luna3 years
MDW1 year
MTB1 year
MUW1 year
NBL3 years
PMB3 years
PT Platforms1 year
PTS Plus Pallet Truck Scale1 year
PTT Plus Pallet Truck Scale1 year
SHS1 year
Solis3 years
TBB 2610S & TBB 2610T3 years
WBW & WBW-M 22 Years

CAS Scales Australia offers a standard factory warranty of 12 months for all products they supply except consumable products such as batteries, printer heads, label stickers, spare parts etc. If you encounter a faulty item, then contact us for further instructions. Some faults may be resolved via telephone or email advice. Other faults are covered under a Return to Base warranty, where the item must be delivered prepaid to Cas Scales Australias workshop. An RMA form must be completed for all warranty claims.

Technicians will inspect and determine if the fault is a valid warranty claim and advise you upon receiving the faulty product. Case Scales Australia will repair or replace the product and will cover the shipping cost back to you. In the event the fault is not covered by the warranty, CAS Scales Australia will not be liable for your return freight costs. However, a quotation will be provided by the technician to repair outside of the warranty.

OIML R 111-1

Tolerance for weights of denominations between those listed can be determined as follows:

If the unit of measure is non-metric, convert the nominal value to a metric unit.
For weights that are between those listed, the tolerance for the next lower weight shall be applied.

Maximum permissible errors for weights (± δm in mg)

Nominal ValueClass E2Class F1
1mg0.006 mg0.020 mg
2mg0.006 mg0.020 mg
5mg0.006 mg0.020 mg
10mg0.008 mg0.025 mg
20mg0.010 mg0.03 mg
50mg0.012 mg0.04 mg
100mg0.016 mg0.05 mg
200mg0.020 mg0.06 mg
500mg0.025 mg0.08 mg
1g0.030 mg0.10 mg
2g0.040 mg0.12 mg
5g0.050 mg0.16 mg
10g0.060 mg0.20 mg
20g0.080 mg0.25 mg
50g0.10 mg0.30 mg
100g0.16 mg0.5 mg
200g0.30 mg1.0 mg
500g0.8 mg2.5 mg
1kg1.6 mg5 mg
2kg3.0 mg10 mg


For more detailed information you can visit the International Organization of Legal Metrology

ASTM E617-13

Tolerances have been converted from avoirdupois to metric and rounded to two significant figures.

Nominal SizeClass 0Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
1g0.017 mg0.034 mg0.054 mg0.10 mg 0.20 mg
2g0.017 mg 0.034 mg0.054 mg0.013 mg0.26 mg
5g0.017 mg 0.034 mg0.054 mg0.18 mg0.36 mg
10g0.025 mg0.050 mg0.074 mg0.25 mg0.5 mg
50g0.060 mg0.12 mg0.25 mg0.60 mg1.2 mg
100g0.13 mg0.25 mg0.50 mg1.0 mg 2.0 mg
200g0.25 mg0.50 mg1.0 mg2.0 mg4.0 mg
500g0.60 mg1.2 mg2.5 mg 5.0 mg10 mg
1kg1.3 mg2.5 mg5.0 mg10 mg20 mg
2kg2.5 mg5.0 mg10 mg20 mg40 mg
5kg6.0 mg12 mg25 mg50 mg 100 mg
10kg13 mg 25 mg50 mg100 mg200 mg
For more detailed information you can visit ASTM International
Name SymbolConversionDefinition


g0.001kg = 1gGrams are a traditional unit of measurement used in the majority of weighing tasks. Used commonly in all types of industries for weighing in small increments. A gram is equal to the mass of one milliliter, 1/1000 of a liter, of water at 4°c.
Kilograms kg1kg = 1000gKilograms are a standard unit of measurement used for weighing heavier items where grams cannot be used. Used commonly in all industries for weighing in large increments. A Kilogram is nearly equal to the mass of 1000 cubic cm of water.
Milligramsmg1mg = 0.001gMilligrams are a standard unit of measurement for weighing in very small increments. A milligram is 1/1000 of a gram. Used as a standard measurement of units in industries requiring precise weighing results such as laboratories, universities and medical institutions.
Microgramsμg1μg = 0.000001gMicrograms are a unit of measurement required by laboratory specialists and other professionals for high precision weighing in exceptionally small increments. A microgram is 1/1000000 (one millionth) of a gram. Used by laboratories, science testing facilities, universities and medical institutions.
Poundslbs1lb = 453.59237gA Pound is a standard unit of measurement used in the Imperial system and is an accepted unit of weight. Pounds can be used in all industries and work as an alternative to the metric system and are commonly used in gyms and health centres for monitoring personal weight.
Ouncesoz1oz = 28.34952gAn Ounce is a unit of measurement used in the Imperial system. Ounces remain popular as a weighing unit in the United Kingdom for cooking and in food recipes.
Troy Ouncesozt1ozt = 31.1034768gA Troy Ounce is a unit of measurement typically used for weighing precious metals. 
Caratsct1ct = 0.2gCarat is a unit of measurement used when weighing jewellery, precious metals and gemstones including diamonds, gold, and silver.
Pennyweightdwt1dwt = 1.55517gThe Pennyweight was the weight of a silver penny in medieval England. Equals to 1/20th of a Troy Ounce.
NewtonsN1N = 101.9716gNewtons are a unit of measurement used to measure the force of an object. Force Gauges are used to measure force resistance and tension using push and pull testing. One newton is equal to 1 kilogram meter per second squared.
ATRON/AATRO is a specialist unit of weight that refers to a products moisture content compared to dry weight. This unit of measurement is specific to moisture balances/ moisture analysers.
%MN/AThe %M is a type of moisture test that can be conducted on a moisture balance. %M refers to % moisture and can be worked out by % moisture =100 x ((initial mass – dry mass)/initial mass).
%SN/AThe %S is a type of moisture test that can be conducted on a moisture analyser or balance. %S refers to %solid and can be worked out by % solid =100 x (dry mass/initial mass).
ATRO %MN/AATRO %M is a specialist weighing test conducted on a moisture analyser or moisture balance. ATRO %M can be worked out by % moisture vs. dry weight =100 x ((initial mass – dry mass)/dry mass). Also called ATRO Moisture.
ATRO %SN/AATRO %S is a specialist weighing test conducted on a moisture analyser or moisture balance. ATRO %S refers to % solid vs. dry weight = 100 x (initial mass/dry mass). Also called ATRO Solid.
Dramsd1d = 1.77185gAn ancient unit of weight. Equal to 1/16th of an ounce.
GrainsGN1GN = 0.0647989gA basic weighing unit in the imperial system. Used for weighing gun powder.
MommesMM1MM = 3.75gA weighing unit used to weigh pearls in Japan 
Taels Hk.TL.H1TL.H = 3 7.80gHongkong Taels- used to weigh pearls, coral, etc.
Taels C.TL.C1TL.C = 36.7gChina (Singapore)Taels.
Taels t.TL.t1TL.t = 37.50gTaiwan Taels.
Tolat1t = 11.6638038gAn Asian weighing unit.
Taels J.TL.J1TL.J = 37.51gJapan Taels.


For additional information, you can also read this article from Wikipedia
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